Lepus Proprietary Trading's 12-Month Professional Training Program. 

To be successful, you must absorb knowledge from those who have already accomplished the goals that you wish to achieve for yourself. It’s called mentorship; the key to self-improvement and success.  

So, if you want to become consistent and profitable trading financial markets, isn’t it apparent that you should be learning from a professional trader? Someone who will be by your side and keep you accountable?


About me:



I'm the founder of Jackson Capital that trades $15M of funds under management - both proprietary and agency funds - in Australia and Europe.

I’ve been trading for 15 years starting off with index futures on the Russell 2000 and S&P 500 through CME. Also participating in open outcry at the CBOT, gaining invaluable experience from traders at major U.S. institutions.

However, to get where I am now wasn’t an easy road, at all. There’s a ton of money to be made and there’s a lot of people who make a killing and as it is a zero-sum game, there are a lot of people that lose money.


There’s so much more than just reading a chart and understanding technical analysis. These things are important, but what I’ve learned over the years is that accountability, discipline, and understanding the human behaviour is incomparably significant.


To syphon through the chaos of the market we deal in probabilities, however logic and rationale shift very easily if your win/loss or risk/reward ratio is skewed by the inherent behaviour of an undisciplined trader.



The sauce:



In order to break this mould effectively, 1-to-1 personal contact and coaching with an experienced trader is paramount. No different to the concept of seeing a doctor when you’re unwell, or a physiotherapist when your back is sore. Seeing a principled professional is the only way to fix or improve your trading.


I employ some of my students to trade my own capital, even if you don’t get to the top 1%, my goal is to get you to the top echelon of traders. My 1-to-1 coaching consists of tough love, because I expect my students to behave like an industry professional, both behaviorally and technically.

This opportunity is only for serious individuals that want to be successful in trading. The reason I’m doing this… is that I’ve been in your shoes. Nothing would delight me more than seeing you become successful and consistent, and perhaps working for me one day.


Why we charge a fee:

Lepus Proprietary Trading is a finance company, not an education company – we do not profit from your education and we charge an extremely fair price. There is a lot of demand for my time and knowledge/ mentorship and the fee is to make sure we cover our costs and to make sure you are serious.

Richard Jackson, Founder – Jackson Capital.

"After my years of frustration and losing money with forex trading, Richard took me under his wing and turned my trading around in a month. It's a great confidence boost to now expect my trades to be winners rather than losers and as a result, my trading account balance is steadily increasing. 

Richard has always been keen to share his knowledge and experience with me and his steady guidance has put the fun back into forex."

Mark C.



1-to-1 Coaching & Mentorship with a professional trader.


You will get direct contact with a professional trader who will dissect your trading and behavioural inaccuracies. We will support you through behavioural and technical training, whilst keeping you accountable.

Practice on our demo account: whether you use your own trading system, or ours, we want to make you a consistent and profitable trader.


You will be able to expand your trading knowledge further with the support of a professional trader. Support through analysing your psychology and determining the quality of your trading through quantitative modelling.

Full Access to all Resources:

You will have unlimited access to the course and support videos, which include live seminars and educational trading webinars.

Alerts from our Fund:


Copy and/or view all the trades we take for you to profit or to educate yourself. This fund is made of our top 1% traders.








EA Indicator:

We’ve developed a piece of code that will send you the entry triggers for our momentum strategy directly to your mobile via SMS so that you can never miss our trading opportunities:



Available for


Cancel Anytime – come and go as you please!


Cancel Anytime - 

For Serious Traders Only.

This is my story: Joseph Donnelly.

I’m an ordinary 23-year-old who was delivering pizzas as a part-time job, with hopes of playing football for Aston Villa.

I also had a keen interest in Forex trading, at this time I’m someone who would be classified as an amateur. I was mainly self-learning through YouTube videos and tried a number of trading courses that teach the very basics of technical analysis.

However, I was searching for courses that offered mentorship but nothing was out there. All I could find was the typical get rich quick schemes, which lack substance, use fancy terminology, which I couldn’t relate to. 

So I kept going on my own accord, I made a bit of money, however, I lost my whole account, which was almost $15,000, you can imagine how depressed I was after losing everything. But the truth was, I had no previous experience or understanding of risk management.

After the loss, I didn’t want to quit; I needed further guidance to acquire the requisite knowledge so I could do this successfully.  

I then, fortunately, or perhaps everything happens for a reason. I saw Richard Jackson’s (Lepus) workshop and I attended. It felt completely different, it was empowering, authentic - Richard was someone that I knew is a true trader.

Richard gave me an opportunity to trade a demo account, he would look over my trades, and point out what I could do to improve, and most importantly caught up with me every month knowing that I was eager to learn and improve.

In our private lessons, he taught me trader discipline, held me accountable for my trades, and instilled me with a trader mentality that I had no idea even existed. However, this wasn’t the fairy-tale ending I was hoping for.



Richard was upfront and could see that I really did want to achieve my goals of being a successful Forex trader. He said to me ‘If it takes a year, it’ll take a year’

At that point, I knew he was committed to me, and the continuous the 1-to-1 sessions really helped me to get where I am now. He was my coach, my mentor, my friend and all his advice was beginning to transpire into successful trading.

The following three months my trading skills and psychology continued to proliferate and I became a consistently profitable trader as Richard continued to mentor me and keep me accountable. I’m now certain that this experience with Richard was the best way to become a successful trader.

After this 8-month journey, I’m proud to say that I’ve been allocated a live account to trade for Jackson Capital.

Joseph Donnelly

23 Years Old.

 “Richard Jackson is a disciplined and hardworking trader with years of experience. He is a patient mentor who is eager to share his knowledge with aspiring traders. Instead of creating the next Richards, he tries not to influence his juniors’ trading style and let me and other traders to develop our own mechanism. He isn’t shy to call out on my bullshit, but when he does, he is gentle and forgiving. It’s an honour to have Richard as my mentor.”




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