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Jackson Capital New Trader Allocation

I did it.

My name’s Gregory Portnoy, I came in to the Lepus program in November 2017. I’m now a professional trader who invests Richard’s money. I’m damn proud of myself for never quitting.

No doubt this wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t committed to making this a reality, but I owe all my gratitude to Richard and the time he spent and invested into me.

My biggest problem was my gambling mentality. I understood what to look for on a chart, but every time I lost I would open more trades to try and win it back and it always led to huge swings in my equity curve. Some months I would make 20% profit, only to find myself giving it all back the next month. I couldn’t break this mindset as my emotions were too intertwined into my trading.

Richard saw my potential and said that if I really wanted to do this (become a trader) that he would commit to coaching me, I could tell that he was a genuine businessman. He wanted me to work for him - but I had to prove it to him.

I went ahead and started taking lessons from Richard. The biggest take away was learning his very own system to win. When it started working for me, things became a lot easier. I also knew he was watching over my account so I stopped going overboard with my trading.

Every month I continued to improve and my profits started becoming consistent, this was such a good feeling. I actually went into a trade expecting to win. Not just hoping it would win.

What a turn around, from 6 months of having massive swings, I was actually making money each month, for the next 5 months. I finally was trading with consistency.

On our most recent meeting in July this year, Richard reviewed my entire trading account since we began and made the decision to hire me as a full-time trader. Un-bloody believable.

Gregory Portnoy, 23, Melbourne, Australia.

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