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Technical timing on S&P pull back

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

1929, 1974, 1987, 2008, these are years of major market crashes that we may remember and the pro-traders know about and don't forget about all the in between dates too. 1997 tech crash and 2020 Virus for example. It is also commonly known that October is a period when a sell-off or pull back is traditionally witnessed.

All these, which were not subject to a force majeure, happened in October. One would say it's the sell off before Thanks Giving or the end of summer. But it is certainly well known and a result of the a collective conscious that causes the timing.

Have a look at the below chart of the E-mini S&P500 futures contract. Similar to the actual index the pull backs are space precisely one month apart. Is this a natural phenomenon or is it deliberate?

Well, I have see this many times before in both FX, Commodities and Indices. In my opinion like the process of other technical analysis formations, it's deliberate. The professionals and very experienced traders know this and take advantage of it.

See if you can find time/date axis commonality in your charts.

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Freddo Zephyr
Freddo Zephyr
Sep 16, 2021

mmmm and have you realised the correlation from 1929 and 2030 ish as well or not yet?

Replying to

Yes what do you think will be the cause?

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