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Insight to How a Proprietary Trader Really Thinks

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Trading is not easy and it's certainly not something for everyone. Not only is gaining an edge with your trading strategy difficult, but being able to execute it according to plan on a consistent basis is something even professional traders still struggle with. However, with the proper guidance and oversight to keep you accountable, you greatly increase the likelihood of becoming successful. For anything you want to master in life - practice persistence and patience is a must and you're fooling yourself if you think you can do it otherwise. Trading is often perceived as a 'shortcut' or an 'easy way out' since the flexibility and lifestyle appeals to so many. Upon beginning to study the markets - most people fall victim to the harsh reality the life of a trader portrays. Below are 4 positions one of our older traders, Joey Donnelly took throughout the month of July. To put it in his own words, the most important thing is to "... learn from your mistakes". All of these trades were successful and taken only when there was confluence and therefore a highly probabilistic chance for a win. This further shows that to be consistently profitable, you don't need to over-trade and take every opportunity the market presents to you. Patience is key when waiting for the right time to execute. Looking at these trades on a risk adjusted basis shows:

Risk-to-Reward Ratio 1:2.00

Win/Loss Ratio 100%

Risk Per Trade 2%

Monthly Return 4.4% This is the standard in which we get our traders to if you come and complete the 12 months. You can either decide to continue on the route you're trading, or take action and make real change until you reach the turning point of becoming profitable because we'll get you there. Here's proof:

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