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Prove your skill To Join our team
Lepus Proprietary Trading

No Participation Fee   |   No Maximum Drawdown   |   No Minimum Targets 

Funded trading accounts.

This program is for traders to prove their skill on a live account where we assess a 3 month period. In order to begin the Funding Challenge, we require you to open a live account with Ox Securities.


We want to see how you behave and trade with your own Real money before we give you ours.

What do we look for in a trader?

We will be watching for the following:

 - Consistency

 - Good risk management

 - Low variance in your equity curve


 - Low open trade draw down

Adhering to some broad rules.

For all traders on accepting the challenge, we would like to mention that we are not seeking cowboys. We seek professional traders. This is why we do not allow Grid or Martingale strategies and have a set of broad rules so to restrict instruments and exposure. This allows us to assess your trading ability and not your gambling ability. 

Trading restrictions:

  1. Instruments = currency, indices, commodities. (No Crypto)

  2. Stop losses (per trade) must be used.

  3. Max Open Trades = 5

  4. Style Definition = no grid, no martingale. 

Screenshot 2023-09-05 163113.png

What you need to do.


  1. Apply Here 

  2. Set up your live account at Ox Securities (this allows us to view your account in real-time without supplying us your credentials)

  3. You will need to deposit a minimum of A$2000 in order for us to properly assess your trading acumen.

  4. Sync to and send us the url (eg. - Do not password protect.



Lepus Proprietary Trading reserves the right to instruct their prospective traders to open an account with their selected broker. Lepus has chosen Ox Securities due to their reliable pricing and flexible leverage solutions. This is a prerequisite to effectively vet the traders and their ability to manage leveraged products. LepusPT funds are in a Wholesale style/leveraged environment, not retail. This means successful traders could be trading with higher leverage within the firm and  therefore our traders need to prove they have the discipline to safely manage exposure during their probation period.

Allocations Level.png

Next Level Funding.

If selected for next level funding you will discuss with head traders or CEO, Richard Jackson, conditions and objectives of your contract, i.e. max stop, risk amount, max exposure, target and leverage. The funding levels detailed are a guide and are not limited to:

Prop Firm Difference.


We are not a funding scheme, we are a prop firm with contracted traders.


Accept the challenge for your chance to join our team.

Positions are also available to join our Trader Committee; a group of traders who trade much larger accounts with a collective consensus.

Profit share 50%

Training & Mentoring

Want to take your trading to the next level?  Fast-Track to becoming a pro-trader. Learn how to become consistently profitable with our firms Training & Mentoring.

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