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Industry Professional Mentoring

E-mini Index Futures, Forex, Commodities


In order to break the mould effectively, 1-to-1 personal contact and coaching with an experienced trader is paramount. Seeing a professional is the only way to learn and improve your trading. 


We employ some of our trainees to trade our capital, even if you don’t get to the top 1%, our goal is to get you to the top echelon of traders and profitability.

If you are super keen to start call Richard (+61417006066 ) directly to introduce yourself. Don't worry he's a nice guy. Or shoot us an email with any questions you may have 

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12-Month Professional Training: For applicants who want to become full-time traders with us.



You will get direct contact with Richard Jackson who will dissect your trading and behavioural inaccuracies. We will support you through behavioural and technical training, whilst keeping you accountable. This program is specifically designed to get you trading for our firm.

You will be taught the strategies that we use each and every day and have been consistently making money for the last 15 years. You will be mentored and taught to follow Richard's trading strategies identically.

Full Access to all Resources:

You’ll get access to our online learning portal for life... This includes

  • Over 50 hours of video learning

  • Recorded seminars (updated to 2022 content)

  • Screen recordings of step-by-step instructions on how we trade our systems

  • All manual & notes to support your 1-to-1 Coaching

  • Access to online booking on-on-one appointments direct with Richard Jackson

  • Online booking to our Foundation Seminars (repeat as often as you like)

  • Online booking to our Advanced Seminars (repeat as often as you like)

  • MQL4 Scripts to support your trading

  • Online books, learning material and harmonic & classic technical analysis cheat sheets.


Allocation of  $50,000 Capital from Jackson Capital:


We make a commitment to you to get you to a professional level within 12 months and reward successful trainees with an allocation.

During the last 3-months of training, applicants will be examined for their adherence to Richard's strategies and trading acumen. Please note: There is no guarantee of allocation. Only successful applicants will be given a minimum allocation of $50,000 to trade for the firm, subject to preference. Profits on this account will be split between yourself and Jackson Capital subject to the terms of the agreement between trader and Jackson Capital.

Lepus Proprietary Trading Richard Jackson

I'm the founder of Jackson Capital that trades - both proprietary and agency funds - in Australia and Europe.

I’ve been trading for over 15 years starting off with index futures on the Russell 2000 and S&P 500 through CME. Also participating in open outcry at the CBOT, gaining invaluable experience from traders at major U.S. institutions.

However, to get where I am now wasn’t an easy road, at all. There’s a ton of money to be made. Good traders make a killing, it's a zero-sum game, consequently, the vast majority lose money.


There’s so much more than just reading a chart and understanding technical analysis. These things are important, but what I’ve learned over the years is that accountability, discipline, and understanding our human behaviour is incomparably significant.


To syphon through the chaos of the market we deal in probabilities, however logic and rationale shift very easily if your win/loss or risk/reward ratio is skewed by the inherent behaviour of an undisciplined trader.



Why we charge a fee:


Lepus Proprietary Trading is a prop firm, not an education company – we do not intend to profit from educating you and thus charge an extremely fair price. There is a lot of demand for my time, knowledge and mentorship and the commitment fee is to make sure we cover our costs and to ensure you're serious about becoming a trader.

Richard Jackson, 
CEO – Jackson Capital.