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Adding a High Return Investment to a Portfolio - Webinar

5 Steps to Avoid Unnecessary Risk in High Return Investments.

Many investors today are steering away from low growth investments as they are simply not happy with the meagre returns of Bank & Fund driven products. There are plenty of investment services offering high yield investments, some even up to 15-20% per month. However, it is well known that the higher the return the higher the risk required to achieve these results. Let’s be very clear – risk and reward go hand-in-hand!

Richard Jackson explains the benefits and pitfalls of seeking high return.

Join us to step through the complicated arena of these investments and learn to watch out for the simple key indicators to avoid risk.

Avoid making bad decisions

Learn key metrics

Learn the right questions to ask .


Richard Jackson is a professional currency trader / money manager with over a decade of experience developing and managing high performance currency based strategies for private and institutional clients. Richard’s engineering background enables him to develop and innovate technology to implement his strategies.Richard now serves as principal trader and head of the Jackson Capital portfolio investment committee. He also administers quantitative research and modelling of trading strategies and portfolio performance within his research team. Richard has over 12 years of trading experience and is a specialist in the FX trading industry. He is licensed in Australia via Alpha Equities & Futures LTD who operate under Australian Investment and Securities Commissions (ASIC).

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