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Can you really earn the big Bux?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hi Richard,

"I just wanted to give Richard a big thank you. I started my mentorship with Richard in March 2019 and throughout the time Richard has greatly improved my trading. I started with all the common mistakes like overtrading, being undisciplined, trading without stops during scalping etc. But over the time we have corrected those mistakes that would have otherwise left me where I was; unprofitable.

I am glad I went to Richard and took help because trading is more than just technicals and fundamentals, it is also about your own psychology.

Managing your trades in a disciplined manner can be hard, especially with human emotions such as greed and fear, but having Richard there makes it much, much more manageable.

Thank you for teaching me how to trade in a consistently profitable manner!

Reynard Gomes"


I owe it to Richard Jackson to mentor and train me to become the trader I am today. Cant sleep tonight so I am just going through his lessons. As you can see with whats happening, imagine you know how to trade and produce income. Contact Richard to be his trainee. I was one 🙂 #forex #financialmarket #training

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