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From the horse's mouth

"In an online world filled with complete BS about forex trading and supposedly easy 'get rich quick' insider strategies and miracle trading software to purchase and download - alongside all those cliched images of private jets and luxury sports cars and phrases like 'forex trading is for everybody' and 'quit your 9-5 full-time job within a month' - Richard Jackson stands out like a beacon.

No nonsense, no BS, no fake promises, no easy shortcuts and he asks the REAL questions: Do you really have the personality for this? Are your profit goals realistic? Do you have the dedication and work ethic and patience for this? If you don't - save your money and do something else for your income because you will lose it all on the markets.

Richard has no time for Dreamers or BS Artists or Know It Alls and his free seminars are highly informative and extremely well-informed and filled with serious, like-minded individuals who are really going places quietly and confidently from their home trading stations.

Richard is the ONLY trading coach to say upfront that forex trading is not for everyone and the failure rate is around 90% and his coaching material is extremely thorough and well explained, and obviously based on years and years of personal 'hard won' experience. He breaks down the jargon overload and takes it slowly and carefully.

Finally, he also has a clear defined career path for his best trainees to join him and work alongside his current team down the track if you can learn and apply what he teaches. He doesn't just take the training money and run. This really excites me as a new trainee just starting out from a totally different marketing profession.

Stephen Buckley <>

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