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Market Harmonics - Prop Desk Insights to Improve Your Trading

Learn from a Professional Prop Trader and Money Manager, Richard Jackson, on the secrets his firm uses to successfully trade the currency market.

Join us for a series of educational webinars.​Lectures will include, but not limited to, topics on; technical analysis, fundamental insights, nuances on the financial markets including algo trading and arbitrage.

Lecture 1: Market Harmonics

In this lecture we aim to lift the veil on Market Harmonics.  To completely understand market behaviour, we first need to conceptualise that all objects and natural occurrences have inherent resonant frequency. Vibrations or harmonics can be described as “Any component of a periodic oscillation whose frequency is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency”. With these oscillations we can dissect the market into patterns. These patterns are very predictable and can be used to offer reasoning behind market behaviour.

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