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New trader Allocation

Congratulations to Daniel who has just been allocated his first level of funding. He has displayed the acumen to trade consistently and his risk management is measured. Daniel wants to share a some words he wrote a few week back...

"My name is Daniel Le-Balogh and I have been a trainee under Richard for 4 months. Before I met Richard, I was trading on my own and wasting money on other sources with whom claimed to be the gurus and would help me make millions of dollars. In the end, not only I was nowhere in the trading business with no clear strategy, mindset, rules ,etc. but also lost all my savings. I was about to throw in the towel and gave up everything. At that moment, I said to myself to give it 1 more try, just 1 more to because my passion for trading was still burning in my heart. I reached out to Richard in December 2018 and told him my issues. Long story short, I am now making 3% to 5% consistently every month and a top trainee of Richard’s firm. As long as you don’t give up, Richard will never give up on you and guide you into the right direction. Give it a go, you will never regret it."

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