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Risk & Correlation In Your Investment Portfolio.


We are all very aware of the collapse of the “system” back in 2008. The GFC was the worst in history. Some of you may have had super funds, managed funds or ETFs that tracked indexes which were subject to the downturn. Especially if you were retiring at or around this time looking to draw down on your retirement savings you would have seen a sharp depreciation in the value of your investments.

Individual investments risk/ reward should not be considered stand-alone but as a constituent of the entire portfolio. In other words, a portfolio with diversified assets or investments has less overall risk than a single investment.

However, the performance of the constituent assets alone is not a complete picture. We also need to consider each asset’s correlation to the others. This means to be truly diversified each asset would aim to have a correlation coefficient less than 1, preferably zero.

Join us us for this informative webinar where we going to talk about:

Risks Which Can Affect Your Portfolio – including systematic risk.

Calculating Correlation

How A Correlation Matrix Can Help in Selecting Assets.

ALSO, Learn about Jackson Capital's alternative investment and how you can access a hedging solution that plugs into your investment portfolio to reduce financial risk and increase overall returns. 

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