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Kristan d'antonio - from losing to consistent profits!

"I experimented for years trading forex with poor results from my efforts. My ultimate goal was to have a career in trading the financial markets and I knew that the fact was that I required mentoring from an absolute professional with years of experience. This was initially difficult to find. However I discovered Jackson Capital and met with Richard Jackson. The integrity of Richard and his team was a standout.

I joined the LEPUS program, attending the Advanced Trading Seminars and enrolling in Richard’s personal coaching for the past 6 months. Richard’s one on one coaching has been highly beneficial with my trading improving steadily each and every month.

My improvement from his coaching has showed me that becoming a consistently profitable trader is achievable. Richard’s coaching is clear and his feedback is both direct and honest. I know each day I am getting closer to my goal. If you are serious about a career in trading FOREX commit to the LEPUS program." Kristan D'Antonio Lepus Student - Soon to be Lepus Trader!

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