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Lepus News Release Trader Darryl has a 100% Win Rate in 2019! [Insane]

Q: Darryl, we're so impressed with your success and results for our firm this year. How did this all begin? Well, from my first lesson with Richard, he asked me "So you want to be a trader" I said yes - I guess that where it all began in late 2017. He started to teach me terms like Confluence, Convergence and Fibonacci, then News Release. "News Release, what's that?" I said. I soon found out that Learning to Trade is a Journey, a Marathon that never ends.

Q: Tell us why the News Strategy stood out to you? What do you do?

I used to trade e-mini futures and the news strategy was something that I became particularly interested in. It was on a lower time-frame, 5min charts, just like the e-minis. And I liked the strict rules and the discipline of the News Strategy. I start a very detailed journal - rating the trades, A, B , C or D - this highlights what my emotions are before and during the trade and I go back to analyse my own data, which helps keep my emotions and discipline in check.

Over Time I formulated a spreadsheet based on Richards teaching and mentoring, calculating the standard deviation the past 6-events and comparing it to consensus vs. the actual outcome. Then if the numbers are off it gives me a green light that there may be a trade... Then you wait. I can confidently say sitting on your hands for the next 5 minutes after the news release isn't easy at all! However, that's the rules. Be patient and wait for the Momentum to confirm the Trade. The news strategy will smash you in the face if you don't follow it correctly.

Q: What have your results been so far?

I have a 100% win rate with this strategy, 11 out of 11 for 2019.

Trading the News can be disheartening - anything with this sort of success must have a downside, well here it is... You have to be willing to stay up late and get up very early. Half the time, your trade is never triggered and it can be frustrating. You can't let that get you down, trades and like trains, another one is coming... I now treat every high Impact News Release as an appointment in my Calendar.

Q: Advice for new traders & current students:

Build your confidence, master one strategy - either the Swing or the News.

Personally, I think the News strategy is unreal and admittedly it gives me the instant gratification which I prefer. I have been more patient these days in comparison to when I started. And that comes with confidence and genuine belief in your trading strategy.

The proof is there. It does work - if you and only if you follow the rules.

If you find yourself losing and not getting the results you deserve... I'm honestly telling you there is nothing better than the Lepus mentoring with Richard. I take my hat off to him for dealing with me and getting me to a trader for his firm now.

I'm in the Jackson Capital fund and achieved my goals in 18-months.

Don't give up, I was constantly asking myself if I can do it. You must learn how to do it properly and then never give up. Simple. Darryl Sparks.

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