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Learn This Lesson to See How a PROP Trader Performs Well

Our most recently allocated trader Dave has been off to a great start for the month of July so far with 3 consecutive winners with a System-R multiple 1:4.93 and has viewed the market exactly to the standard we hold our traders accountable to. In his monthly appointment with Richard today he admitted the responsibility felt when trading a live portfolio. Being aware of the psychological barriers and biases that all the traders experience, Dave managed to stay consistent and aligned with executing the strategies he has been trained to use. The trades taken below further prove that you don't need to 'over-trade' to be consistently profitable in the market. We make sure all of our traders underneath Lepus know the dangers of over-trading along with the behavioural reasoning as to why they may be doing so. It's one thing to have a trading plan but a whole different psychological battle with yourself to execute it accordingly. The behavioural traps that exist for most traders are impatience which means they want to go to a trade without allowing the trade to come to them. This also means not seeing what's on the chart in front of them and instead having a preconceived belief of what price is going to do and this is called confirmation bias. Every trader that has come to us knows this and unfortunately has to find out the hard way of losing their own money before they take real action. This is often an area that's overlooked and yet can be prime reasoning as to why so many retail traders lose. It is important to be accountable for your actions as a trader and this is why mentoring our traders gives us a high success rate in turning an individual from a losing trader to a winning trader. If you are interested in pursuing what it really takes to trade the market contact us and we'll be able to tailor a training plan that will not only get you to the level of becoming consistently profitable the right way, but also will show you how to deal with behavioural inaccuracies. Below are the trades so far for the month of July for Dave:

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