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Mark clancy: from zero to hero!

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

"When I approached Jackson Capital I was looking for a reality check after wasting years visiting forex sites and watching scores of YouTube videos.

I was frustrated because no matter how many times I tried I was unable to turn the online promises into real trading success which lead me to endless system hopping.

What I needed was to work with and learn from someone who was really slugging it out day after day in the trench warfare of forex trading.

The one standout feature of Richard’s site was that he published the good, bad and ugly of his trading results, which was something no-one else seemed willing to do. This gave me a lot of confidence in his professional abilities.

It was clear from the beginning that Richard was a no-nonsense trader and that my effort and commitment would be required for long-term success.

He gave me exactly what I needed which was professional advice and a profitable trading system.

But the big benefit for me was how Richard held me accountable for my trades during our one-on-one sessions. Knowing that I would have to explain and justify my trades kept me disciplined and focused.

That also gave me confidence to stick with his system during the dreaded drawdowns, the time when I was previously most at risk of system hopping.

Now I’m making steady profits in my personal account and have been allocated Jackson Capital funds. It’s a great feeling to finally be able to realise my trading dreams." - Mark Clancy, Junior Trader @ Jackson Capital

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